To insure the highest quality of service all our employees receive extensive janitorial training and are dedicated to our philosophy.

Cleaning furniture

Over time, items in the office pick up dirt. Dust mites and possibly microbes can grow if they are exposed to humidity or other organic substances. If left alone, these fixtures can cause health issues for those that are sensitive or have weakened immune systems.

Upholstered furniture

Upholstery is a part of our daily lives and because of that, it’s very important to understand how to clean furniture properly. Wherever we live, work we will have it.

Tables, shelves and cabinets synthetic

Remove shelved items from the top shelf and place them in a box, portable utility cart or on the floor in the same order they appear on the shelves if possible. This will facilitate replacement of objects in their original position.

General Cleaning Maintenance

The best plan for an office cleaning will be:
1. Pick up the remains dirt over area (empty boxes or materials left over from the activity).
2. Emptying and cleaning papers bins.
3. Scrub, scanning, sweep wet.
4. Dusting furniture. It can be performed with a frequency so that all existing furniture is cleaned.

Floor Cleaning and types

There are many more choices than just 5 different substances or materials you can use on your floor. But, basically, it breaks down into 5 types: Laminate, Stone, Tiles, Carpet, and Hardwood.

Disinfection and cleaning Office appliances

Want to keep your employees healthy and productive this flu season? Flu prevention is the best approach, and part of that is giving your staff members the tools they need to stop the spread of flu at work. Making items like sprays, wipes and other disinfectants available, can help you and your employees remove and kill harmful pathogens, even on commonly used office surfaces, such as keyboards, desks, doorknobs, etc., and stop the spread of flu before it begins.

Daily cleaning and maintenances

Office Cleaning

Each day we empty trash bins and replace the bags, vacuum all carpets thoroughly and also sweep and mop wood and tile floors.

Break Room Cleaning

Example, break rooms often have refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwaves. We clean the inside of these appliances and sanitize the outside handles to prevent germ transfer or allergic reactions.

Common Area Cleaning

Ambassade Cleaning staff also dedicates a part of our time to clean common room or social area outside of the standard break room. Trash and floor procedures, we clean the glass doors of common areas each and every day. Also wipe down any woodwork exposed in the room. Ready and good to Go!

Restroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are full of bacteria and are easily one of the germiest areas in any office space. That is why it so important to our business to leave restrooms highly clean. During every session we empty trash and change the bag. We clean and sanitize the toilet seat, handle, and bowl

Carpet cleaning

With Ambassade Company two-step carpet cleaning process you can rest assured that your carpet will be fresh, soft, and free of carpet cleaning detergent residue that other carpet cleaning methods leave behind. This means your carpets will feel soft and stay clean longer.

Cristal Mirror Cleaning

Kids' handprints, dogs' nose prints, plain ol' dust and dirt that collects every few days -- there are endless reasons why your windows and mirrors are always dirty no matter how often you clean them. Attacking the mess with a store-bought glass cleaner and paper towels can leave behind streaks and lint, putting you in a worse situation than before the cleaning.

Ambassade Cleaning Philosophy

Ambassade Cleaning Company is committed to delivering the exact services our Ambassade clients desire. We will listen closely to their expectations, take a pro-active approach in defining their needs and build the best partnering relationship possible. We are also committed to acting with honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business, to being professional in doing our job and to deliver a consistent, high level quality of work.

The Ambassade sum up our sole purpose by simply stating, "We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services".

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Pack: Little paradise
3.500 m²

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  • 2 days/w: 0,07 ~ 0,18 $/m²
  • 3 days/w: 0,09 ~ 0,24 $/m²
  • 4 days/w: 0,12 ~ 0,32 $/m²
  • 5 days/w: 0,15 ~ 0,40 $/m²
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Pack: luxury paradises
3.500 - 7.000 m²

  • 1 day/w: 0,02 ~ 0,06 $/m²
  • 2 days/w: 0,05 ~ 0,13 $/m²
  • 3 days/w: 0,07 ~ 0,18 $/m²
  • 4 days/w: 0,09 ~ 0,24 $/m²
  • 5 days/w: 0,11 ~ 0,30 $/m²
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Pack: national excellence
7.000 - 10.000 m²

  • 1 day/w: 0,02 ~ 0,05 $/m²
  • 2 days/w: 0,03 ~ 0,09 $/m²
  • 3 days/w: 0,05 ~ 0,13 $/m²
  • 4 days/w: 0,07 ~ 0,18 $/m²
  • 5 days/w: 0,08 ~ 0,22 $/m²
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Pack: great continent
+10.000 m²

  • 1 day/w: 0,01 ~ 0,02 $/m²
  • 2 days/w: 0,03 ~ 0,07 $/m²
  • 3 days/w: 0,04 ~ 0,10 $/m²
  • 4 days/w: 0,05 ~ 0,13 $/m²
  • 5 days/w: 0,06 ~ 0,17 $/m²
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